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someone:  do you practice any sports?
me:  does pressing reblog on tumblr count as sport?

1) The first boy I loved didn’t just shatter my heart. He shattered every part of me, even my tongue. When I kiss you, you will bleed.

2) Sometimes when I’m driving at night I let go of the wheel and clench my eyes shut and pretend I’m about to die. I’m not leaving, just imagining. I promise I’ll come back soon.

3) Parents tend not to like me. I always accidentally slip a suicidal comment into conversations. Your mother will probably be calling 911 before she’s calling to invite me back.

4) Loving him turned me cold. When I sleep in your bed you will shiver beside me and I’m sorry about the temperature but I’m here with you and thats a big step for me.

5) Sometimes I need to talk at 3 AM and I know you love to sleep but I love you and I’m trying really hard to do it right so please pick up the phone.

- I know you weren’t mad when I brought a water bottle full of vodka to your family cookout but I figured these were some things you should know before telling me you can handle this (via lamebby)


riddle me this atheists: if god isn’t real then who is inside the kleenex box pushing up the next tissue