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High School

You know the person from that one party who got so drunk one time they had to go to the hospital to prevent them from dying, but you still keep drinking until you can’t anymore, right? You know the person who is younger than you who just had a baby and you think it’s crazy, but you’re still not protecting yourself or the other person, right? You know the person who just got shot around your neighborhood, but you’re still walking around at 2am thinking you’re cool and nobody can phase you, right? Man, I learned a lot from high school and I learned it all pretty quick. That’s why I left so early. I didn’t party every week or anything like that, not just because I couldn’t but also because I didn’t want to. There are a lot of people who say you won’t know how things are like until you experience them for yourself, but that’s not true at all. You watch first hand at what things do to people around you and that is all the experience you need to make a difference.

You sit there and keep saying “I’ve cried so much, I possibly couldn’t cry more.” Then tears start to fall down your cheeks again.